Markdown Support

Markdown Support

This document contains examples of most of Markdown elements that Caret supports.



This is an emphasis and this a strong emphasis. This is a link and this is an . This is a reference link and this is a URL: This is a code span and this is a math expression: $e=mc^2$. This is ::highlight:: and this is strikethrough. This is a reference link and this is some inline html.


Note that *this* is not an emphasis. That’s because the \ character escapes special characters.

Most inline elements can be nested. For example this is a link that contains a emphasis and this is a strikethrough that contains a reference link.

Leaf Blocks 🍁

A line consisting of 0-3 spaces of indentation, followed by a sequence of three or more matching -, _, or *, each followed optionally by any number of spaces, forms a thematic break.

This is an indented code block:

var text = "text";
function doNothing() {

Fenced code blocks support syntax highlighting for most of the popular programming languages:

var text = "text"; // variable definition

HTML block:

This will appear as a block of with a yellow background.

This is a HTML comment:

This is a table with some 📚 and with a Price column aligned right:

Title Author Price
Meditations Marcus Aurelius $10.00
Rational Optimist Matt Ridley $12.00
Poor Charlie’s Almanack Charles T. Munger $16.50

This is a math block:

$ e=mc^2$

This is a footnote1:

This is an image:


Container Blocks 🌳

Here’s a list that we’ve copied from a GitHub article:

  • How the Markdown format makes styled collaborative editing easy
  • How Markdown differs from traditional formatting approaches
  • How to use Markdown to format text
  • How to leverage GitHub’s automatic Markdown rendering
  • How to apply GitHub’s unique Markdown extensions

This is an ordered list from another GitHub article:

  1. Create a branch: Topic branches created from the canonical deployment branch (usually master) allow teams to contribute to many parallel efforts. Short-lived topic branches, in particular, keep teams focused and results in quick ships.
  2. Add commits: Snapshots of development efforts within a branch create safe, revertible points in the project’s history.
  3. Open a pull request: Pull requests publicize a project’s ongoing efforts and set the tone for a transparent development process.

This is a task list with some random tasks:

  • Write an article about how to manage tasks in a text editor
  • Repair windshield wipers of car and add washer fluid 🚘
  • Get 2 airplane tickets to ::SF:: for the upcoming Electron conference ✈️

This is a quote:

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country

Oh and since these are container blocks, they can be nested:

For example, this is a list that’s inside of a quote:

  • This is a list item that has been quoted.
  • This is another list item which makes this a list of 2 items.
  1. The text of the footnote goes here. In the final document the footnote would appear at the bottom of the page.